Sviluppo del gruppo industriale della plastica di Jieyang

On the 19th, the "Plastic Industry and E-commerce and Intellectual Property Summit Forum" and the first anniversary of the establishment of Jieyang Plastic Industry Association were held in the urban area. The reporter learned at the event that the association will take the initiative to adapt to the new normal of economic development, integrate advantageous resources, accelerate the promotion of the plastic industry to "climb" and build an independent innovation brand in Jieyang.
Actively build a platform
Boost corporate independent innovation
The plastic industry is one of the traditional pillar industries in Jieyang City. In April last year, Jieyang City established the Plastic Industry Association. In order to speed up member companies' "climbing" pace and enhance their technological innovation capabilities, the association actively builds a service platform to boost the plastic industry Innovation and development. The "Plastic Industry and E-commerce and Intellectual Property Summit Forum" held yesterday invited Qian Meifang, senior operator of Alibaba department store, Lin Nuo, business development manager of business department, and Jie Dongru of Guangdong Zheli Intellectual Property Office to hold special lectures , To popularize e-commerce development, trademark rights protection, patent protection and other knowledge to enterprises. Qian Meifang believes that Jieyang's plastic industry has a solid foundation, whether it is the scale of the industry or the quality of its products, it is one of the best in the country. As long as the Internet platform is fully utilized, the industry development will be accelerated. Alibaba will provide resources such as related traffic and customers, and Cooperate with the Municipal Plastics Association to provide services for the innovative marketing model of Jieyang plastic industry.
Yuan Hongjian, secretary general of the Municipal Plastics Industry Association and general manager of Hongfei Plastic Products Co., Ltd., believes that the municipal party committee and the municipal government vigorously implement industry "climbing" and industry introduction projects, attach importance to e-commerce development and talent training, and provide great opportunities for the plastics industry in Jieyang. Development opportunities. In the current severe market environment, plastic manufacturers must actively adapt to the new normal of economic development, change their concepts, absorb advanced concepts and management methods, and innovate marketing models to maintain their development vitality. He said that the association will seize the development opportunities of the "Internet +" industry, actively build a platform to integrate superior resources, promote member companies to "climb" together, better connect with external high-end resources, accelerate technological innovation and management innovation, and enable more companies Be bigger and stronger, go out of Jieyang and go to the world, laying a solid foundation for building Jieyang's independent and innovative brand.


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